Welcome to the Imperium Galactica’s World !

MY IG2 FORUM is back in a new form.
Register for Shamus BOT via Telnet. Visit the IG2 Forum at “News/53

Here you can also sign up for Galactic News and post articles.
Registration is not a prerequisite for posting, it only gives the reader more options.

The default IRC include the game is: irc.imperiumgalactica2.hu

You can play on the Internet, but nobody can find a random multiplayer server.To find out more about multiplayer gaming, click on Net game in the menu.
Download the 1.14 patch to play multiplayer and my own UNION map
for single player+USD 100 millions beginnings too. IG2 for iPad video .
Here you are your bonus ISO file.

The default IRC in IG2 does not exist anymore, but IG2 players can be found at this IRC server by the 1.14 patch on irc.imperiumgalactica2.hu

If you using mIRC client, type: irc.imperiumgalactica2.hu and channel #ig2 or click to mIRC menu. If you do not have the mIRC client, and do not want to use the game IRC client, then simply use our Java applet by clicking WebIRC in the menu.