Kra’hen on easy in 39 minutes – Adani12345

It’s so easy to win on Easy. The faster I went to the gameplay, I have it loosely with almost zero development.

In retrospect, there is no need to develop the corvette either. The laser tower can be explored without it. You only need the corvette for the deep space radar and the cruiser for the photon radar to be able to scout. It just depends on how fast you wade through the galaxy, how long it takes you to discover the other species. Even the Human Empire fought heavy destroyers with wheeled tanks in the middle game. Heavy lasers and torpedoes are needed with a minimum of 4 destroyers because of the space defense cannons, so you won’t have any opponents. If the enemy’s fleet is too strong, you can hang in front of it with the MK3 engine, or the MK2 is also more than adequate for this purpose.

I just went for speed, on easy gear it goes through the other races like a knife through butter. Espionage The Kra’hen race has neither planet riots nor ship bombing. There is no real planet information either, you have to find the others by colonization. It just depends on how fast you finish and when you discover everyone. I think it would have happened earlier if I had prioritized the development of a tracked tank with a laser turret, and only then would the research for the corvette have followed. Then I make destroyers, and the corvette would have been developed only because of the MK3 engine and deep space radar.

A cruiser would also have been researched towards the end, because of the photon radar, so that I could detect it.
If the seer had given me random coordinates for the random events, I would have been able to discover them sooner. Easily wipe out space defense cannon 1 with 5 destructive heavy lasers and torpedoes. For this, 4 pieces may be enough, but it is a matter of whether you can get away without loss. Even humans didn’t have laser fortresses, they typically defended themselves with missile fortresses, which are no match for tracked vehicles equipped with laser turrets and range extenders. With a single tank, you can occupy every planet that is defended only by tanks, of course turning off the simulation of ground combat.

Finally, watch the video to see how all this is possible in 39 minutes.

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