Extermination of the Cha’karg race – Adani12345

I tried it last night and lucked out, it administered the Cha’karg extermination again. Yes, it is enough to manufacture a corvette with a neutron cannon, it can handle space defense cannons.

It would have been enough to go as far as anti-gravity tanks and switch to megatanks only after the discovery of the human race. In this way, it would have been possible to wade through the empires sooner, and his cruiser was just for him.

The Godans were able to suffocate him with a paralyzing agent, and later the humans. When he attacked my planet, it could have been defended with a bunch of tanks. He passed by a hair’s breadth, sometimes there are such errors in the game that instead of moving forward, the tanks turn and then catch up. When you really need to microwave, it’s quite annoying if you leave because of it.
Another tricky thing is the 2nd zaul planet on such a space, because there are 2 wheeled tanks with cannon turrets and 2 machine guns, with 2 cannon turret wheels. It can only be crushed in a very small way, and sometimes it only succeeds after many attempts. The two machine gunners must be cut out so that, if possible, they do not hit once. If someone wants to be sure, after building a tank factory, another one must be manufactured, then it’s a simple matter. What’s more, if you expect it to be even the tracked tank, the development can be brought forward. However, if you administer the Cha’karg extermination, you will need the corvette and the MK3 engine.

I didn’t colonize at the beginning because you never know what will come first. It is possible to colonize 5 planets in 2 days, then it is a big disadvantage if you are making the colonizer because it will not be ready in time because of your money. On the other hand, if you colonize prematurely and colonize 2 planets comes up: you have to produce 3 colonizers, not two.
Maximalists could have done this by reloading a previous save and instead of developing, they would start colonizing production sooner. By the time the mission arrives, one colonizer will have been manufactured, and the second is almost there. After that, you can go straight to the gun turret and the tracked tank. Thus, Zauls can already be defeated with turreted crawlers.

An interesting gameplay video: At Kra’hen, the old, stupid God Emperor often throws in the idea that the Cha’karg must be exterminated. And in the midgame they have a pretty strong fleet and have a couple of tanks with missile turrets. So you need team strength, and there are approx. You have 5 years to do it or he will execute you. And to defeat the fleet, you need a heavy corvette, because 2 out of 3 of their ships are paralyzers, which requires the weapon jammer, and the heavy laser, heavy torpedo, and gamma cannon don’t hurt either. But I just realized, after 20+ years of playing, that you don’t have to wipe out the fleets. It’s enough to book the planets, and it’s much easier that way. At least you have an anti-gravity tank and a laser turret with a range extender, then it’s not difficult to occupy the planet with 5-6 tanks. If you leave the tanks, he can’t retake them. I pushed them down with 4 Megatanks, and I tonged them with their fleet and MK3 engine, and they disappeared after 90 days. Cha’karg came around the 40th minute. It worked with the Stemaes version, and then I will try it with the traditional version to see if it works.

Video about it here:

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