IG2: TCH-novum-Csiga-ninive-Endre internet battle with VIDEO

Several games started at the same time that day, we distributed the people nicely. One of the destroyers destined for reconnaissance met the other three early. It was a pity to take it out of the starting fleet. Looking at the battles of others, there is plenty of time to develop.

If you see an exhibition of machine gun fortresses on a planet, it is worth visiting the settlement with spies. The situation is similar to that in a later game with rocket forts. You can’t make enough tanks to run down the planet. Plus, you’ll attract stronger fleets if you get into space battles. Whichever planet your enemy presumably sees, you provide ground protection. A series of tank purchases with an installed spaceport can be considered.

Others do not see what kind of tower-equipped tanks are stationed on the planet. You just see that there is a lot on it. He attacks him a few times and then retreats, because in the meantime you also blow up his ships. Finally finished chaos and game over on his part. Sometimes less is more. Unfortunately, this is not true for space battles. Two battleships and one cruiser do not defeat the cruise fleet. Have more of our boats equipped on average than a few maximally equipped.

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