IG2: Coolhand-Endre internet battle with VIDEO

In two-man battles, if the merchant ships still survive, it’s worth turning to our own advantage. Not incidental in terms of revenue. Let us not be the first to hunt down traders if, for example, there is no Shinari Empire.

If we need to attack a space base, we boldly use the slider in the direction of the attack for our entire fleet. If we are not a torpedo species, then in the case of many of our attacking ships, the shield captures the attack that the base launches against us in a short time. If we have few ships, I suggest an airy attack because it will disrupt the space base in switching targets and fry it sooner before it takes us down one by one. Crushing ground defense is a matter of time when you no longer have to fear astronaut attacks. Let us have a well-trained response spy on constant duty.

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