IG2: kukac-Scorpion-Endre internet battle with VIDEO

With 20 planetary games, everything happens faster and everyone is closer to you. Don’t forget to buy a tank. With a well-timed rush, you can surprise your opponent at the beginning. Among the tanks, if you have a purchased tracked tank and you also leave it on the rushed planet, you can’t take it back. Of course, it also took luck to keep his fleet close to his planet. This way, your victory in a race will be without space combat.

If we have better production capacity, dare we produce more with 2 spaceships on 1 planet. It will be useful, because you don’t have to be afraid of two heavy destroyers torpedoing from every opening if we only have smooth destroyers. Numerical superiority brings the result: we can have a loss of one or two ships, but all of it for him. The fleeing fleet has no mercy, it must be pursued until there are 0 of them. Otherwise, more heavy destroyers are coming soon that we will not be able to handle. You can see that he spent all his money on developing and manufacturing his heavy destroyer. Consequently, he has not spent anything else, let us visit one of his planets with our spies.

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