IG2: Pammerjoe-Vagner-Endre internet battle with VIDEO

Trader ships, if they survive by some miracle, have the opportunity to make a terraformer. Faster population growth generates more taxes, resulting in a stronger and larger fleet. The ECM provides effective protection against torpedo boats. Constant movement is recommended during combat: the standing target is easy prey.

If you have something, divide your fleet into at least three parts and move on different routes. People’s reaction is to attack a stronger but smaller group. It just misjudges that the attacked unit is not smaller and stronger. The goal is for the enemy to stand in the middle of the circle and see that they are surrounded by bad ones. 🙂 Direct combat against space base collectors with torpedo and non-cannon ships is only possible. Forming groups, you need to go close to the space bases and 4-5 ships will attack a base. We will have losses, but we cannot destroy them with spies.

In the case of multiple enemy ships attacking our battleship, find out if they are paralyzing on the basis of their firepower while fighting. If so, we tend to back down and in constant motion in part the distractor prevents its use. In the meantime, we can settle the unevenness of the surface, let’s say we can shoot space defense cannons that don’t fit into nature.

In real-time ground combat, if we have already reached the megatank + floating pair in development, then by equipping them, our tanks will now be able to climb mountains instead of orbiting the entire planet.

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