IG2: Dregyek’s focus generator with VIDEO

For a joke, one of the players was not listed in the preset rooms by mIRC, which made him desperate. Helpfully helping him, we found that his focus generator was not set well and this was causing the error. Our man, unfamiliar with scripting, set everything up nicely as we wrote. The joke is seen in the last frame.

[22:49] Endre changes topic to ‘Dregyek! You’re so lame: didn’t you even realize how much bullshit: focus generator? P ‘

[22:49] <Endre> Congratulations, Dregyek!

[22:49] <Endre> you have configured it

The script brought Dregyek to the #fkg IRC channel, which marked the focus generator in Hungarian. 🙂

[22:55] And <Dregyek> was pretty hard because I can’t see anymore XD

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