Hajdúszoboszló: IG2 internet battle with VIDEO

As the spring break has just begun, we set off for Hajdúszoboszló on April 2, 2010 to hold an IG2 pre-meeting. In the absence of a snail (he casts a spell on anything in 10 minutes), it was up to the people there to put the net together. Under Garrett’s direction, he succeeded in nearly 4 hours.

Endre started with unusual confidence with his fleet of kra’hen called “You lose” twice. He attacked even before the opponents had a ship manipulator equipped. Taking advantage of the situation, hesitant to make alliances, he ran across the star map. A “Synchronization failed !!!” error message had nothing to do with Endre just downloading his favorite series while playing, as he hadn’t had internet for 1 month. Of the then 220 kbyte / sec high quality downloads, Endre was 200 kbyte / sec.

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