IG2 Solarian on an impossible level, with VIDEO – Adani12345

The human race made it to the finals. He has proven his survival skills throughout his turbulent history. It has average development and skills. Although you can take advantage of many of its features.

Care should be taken to look around for planets so that they are not discovered prematurely. After a few colonizations, it’s worth going into spaceship development. The paralyzer proves to be a usable weapon on corvette-heavy corvette ships until we reach the antimatter beam on the heavy cruise-battleship variants. The latter miracle weapon is worth pairing with a paralyzer, as a moving target is harder to fry. This tactic is great against the large fleet of Kra’hen species.

In the field of anti-espionage, pay attention to anti-espionage. It may not be worth it if we might want to keep species with it alive at this level of difficulty because of the acquisition of a ship manipulator. It is worth keeping 2-3 smaller or larger fleets because of the planetary recapture. Especially if we are fighting a multi-front war. The weapon jammer is extremely important on larger ship classes.

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