Bismarck-Jocó-TMR-Endre internet battle with VIDEO

It promised to be an interesting clash because I rank all three of them as advanced players. By Bismarck’s player confidence, he even believed he was about to win. The strong start to the game brought a stagnant sequel and a terrible ending. 🙂

Of course, there was no expected outcome to the game as no alliances were formed. A tank-like, thoughtless rush was to be expected. The existing ground defense of the Cheblon species stopped the greedy invasion attempts. In response, he threw in bait, the fleet fuming at the enemy gave false security to the enemy empires. Meanwhile, the spy service did a great job, scrapping the ships they considered “redundant.”

Since the traders were exterminated again, I put a bank that others thought was uninteresting on most of my own planet. It was no longer expedient for those who were later occupied because there would not have been money left to build ships. While fleeing my initial fleet, they really believed I had only two corvettes left. In the meantime, I inaugurated 4 cruisers and the ship manipulator had already gone up there. The spies worked diligently, and the banking system also intensified the development of tanks, which could speed up planetary occupation.

On an experimental basis, I conducted space battles on planets where I managed to deploy a space defense cannon 3. They performed quite well and at a disadvantage became a superior victory:

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