IG2 Kra’hen campaign at normal level with VIDEO – Adani12345

We start with more money and ships in the beginning than we used to play on hard level. Unfortunately, the orders of the Emperor of God must be followed because we are our immediate superior.

Let’s not rush the start. It’s important to really stay hidden for as long as we can, because everyone is our enemy. In addition to spacecraft development, pay special attention to colonization. With cheaper production, don’t suddenly come across the Order of the God Emperor to colonize multiple planets. During the initial space battles, we also develop and boldly use the torpedo: it can deal damage well enough.

Normal you also have 3 years to colonize, even if you don’t prepare for it in advance. As soon as you can make it at half price, make it right away. And when the message arrives, you stop everything: production, development, disabling automation. You have to explore 5 empty planets and always send the first ship to the farthest. The last one gets the nearest one. Difficult levels are so unlikely: you need to reload the previous backup and collect it in advance as above. You may need another factory to make sure you have it and you have to raise taxes high / very high. If you run out of money, you have to raise taxes and / or sell the destroyers. This is a mandatory command, but e.g. hunting the merchant and deciphering the secret of the triangle is not. Catching pirates, you don’t have to do the non-compulsory ones either. In the middle game, the pirate has to save him mainly on a difficult level, because he may continue to attack from 3 planets, from different directions (Libatop and Cickafark pirate fleets). If you’re just conquering and you’re at war, it’s not good that these tie up your fleets. And on a heavy level, they are well beyond radar boundaries, even with deep space radar just being visible. Surely you have to search for pirate planets for a long time. You should rather let go of the pirate quest or then knock them down later if you are already stronger.

In ground combat, the laser-tower tracked tank can be used to attack lower-range enemy tanks by simulating a retreat. On a normal level, the computer doesn’t start developing stronger forts quickly, so it won’t even install them if we attack enemy planets soon in time. Achieving the dream of every Emperor, with the development of the cremation ray, our conquest can begin, to which the Emperor of God adds a couple of “scrapped” ships:

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