IG2 with Cheblon, impossible level with VIDEO – Adani12345

Let’s start by building a spacecraft lab first, then look around the fleet to see who’s in the neighborhood of our planet. In parallel with the development of the MK1 engine, let us build a cheap colonization ship. Unfortunately, we don’t need merchant ships either because of the Shinari race, or it’s strongly recommended to take them all down.

Even after the colonization of two planets, we can begin to build our earthly defenses: you never know who wants to exterminate our planets. Initially, let’s build missile forts. The counter spy is still being sent for training. Due to the good espionage skills specific to the species, it is not necessary to attend Level 5 training here on an ongoing basis. If we colonize closely next to each other and can hide, even the development of a heavy cruiser can be achieved without a first space battle.

The most important weapon is the ship manipulator. Remember to combine it with a weapon jammer or paralyzer. The improved ECM protects us from enemy torpedoes, we can’t equip one, just defend against it. If towards the end we get into a battle with a big own ship and a lot of enemy fighter jets, it’s worth going round and round, the enemy planes will run out sooner.

Cheblon impossible level:

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