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Antari engines offer a definite advantage over an unwanted encounter. Although the first thing to do is to find out the kra’hen planets from where the attack is expected.

In this mission, too, you must strive to gain space supremacy. If we are stronger in space than our opponents, we can postpone the ground fight later. Due to the aggressiveness of Kra’hen, its activity should be constantly monitored. Even with a smaller fleet, he is happy to attack anyone. Space bases can even sparse a medium-sized raiding fleet. Due to the peculiarities, the fitting of missiles and cannons may be considered. Even if they break through the defense, the laser forts will settle the remaining tanks on the planet, provided we have such forts. Once strengthened in space and on earth, a cleansing campaign can be launched.

The most important thing is to give a planet to the toluene right at the beginning, good far away so as not to see the Kra’hen. You can’t protect it otherwise. This can be followed by the usual Antari tactics: the best hyperdrive, developing tanks, avoiding space battles. The easiest defense is to defend all of your planets from the ground with tanks or forts and develop a heavy corvette and place an MK4 engine and solar bomb on the ship. If cannons protect the planet, the napalm bomb is enough; in the field of tanks, an antigravity tank with a heavy tower or even a megatank can be, but is not a condition. You can defend the planets with up to 1 antigravity tank with a range and heavy tower if you can escape to the top of a mountain where you can’t get up without a float. It’s not winning in the Steam version, it has a float by default, a longer range and continuous backing. Of course, you can also push down your fleet, if you want, it’s a smooth affair. 1-2 ships will be attacked: a space base on the planet or a defensive 1-2 ship fleet can be held at critical points and braked. I prefer to use this because the space base and cannon only protect one planet, so I can do more at once. A ship must be kept on radar so that if the fleet shows up you can catch it before it reaches the planet. It also often happens that you put space bases on a planet that you do not put ground protection on. For some reason, AI doesn’t count on the space base when looking for prey, if there’s a factory on it, it’s even more likely to go there. Somehow, AI works by deciding which planet to attack so that it primarily hurts to manufacturing planets. If there’s no protection on it, you’re almost certain to go for it. It also walks past dozens of completely unprotected planets, many times it comes in handy when you’re just grinding an empire and an attacking fleet of another empire comes at the other end of the galaxy. On a non-peripheral planet, factories have to be maintained and almost certainly flown on. So the sooner you get there, it won’t occupy dozens of planets while you get there to strike.

Another thing you look at is whether you have ground defense, a tank or a fortress, air defense is not considered. Maybe the space cannon does, but if there are only space bases on a planet, it takes it defenseless, as I observed. If there are factories on it, it is 99% that it will attack even if there are only 1 tank on the other planets. He has up to 100 in the fleet and, according to math, would cut it smoothly, but anyway, because with so many tanks you can’t shred back long enough. Even if you have a longer range, you can only win if you don’t have a float and can’t reach it. That is, in short: if you manage to shoot your fleet in even more attacks, you will have space bases on one of the planets you see on the others 1 tank and the initial fleet will always try, but will always be ground by space bases.

Even if you can postpone defeating the Kra’hen indefinitely, you just have to be careful not to find the toluene, it won’t deal with you. Until you attack, he’s looking for Toluen. It is also a peculiarity of AI that he never voluntarily fights a multi-front war, if he declares war on someone, he will not do anything else until he has completely defeated him. It can also be used Kra’hens. If your neighbors and you are not yet lucky to jump at you: whoever you are attacking, you give them a planet far away. Kra’hen can’t spy, so it’s hard to find his opponent. Care must be taken here as well to try to colonize planets, looking for toluene. If you colonize nearby, you must rush down that planet before the main building is built.

Defend the Toluen:

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