Pontifex-Chiblon-Thor-don-kovibali-Endre internet battle with VIDEO

With an amazingly tough opponents, the battleships took place in an internet battle in 158 minutes. We often ignore it when we hear the word space cannon. In fact, with Type 4, battleship fleets can also be stopped. This was used very well by don.

The gallery speaks for itself, I didn’t even tag the pictures, they speak for themselves. Maybe in the beginning I really should have taken the advice of colleagues and played with the Toluen race. Nevertheless, a quick encounter with the Iberon Empire brought the alliance. We combined our research and meanwhile helped the empire with money. My secondary task was to steal inventions that we could not develop, such as. the ship’s manipulator. Shinari was kind to be developed for us at the same time, even before the great space battles.

The Kra’hen is a very well-protected space cannon 2 with Cheblon heavy corvettes against the middle of the game. In the sequel, the 4 cannons pretty much scratched the Iberon battleships, he could only occupy one planet at the cost of big losses. The good position of the heavy cruisers distracted him from the cremation beam, the opponent was busy thinning with space defense cannons. I have not yet figured out why 4 space-curving shields for a planet, I think the Emperor of God commanded. 🙂 On the second planet, the attacking party has retreated. We saw great tactics from our opponent.

When everyone attacked by battleship, hell broke loose:

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