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A cheaper colonization ship and faster production may give some hope. We also need to expand, because we can only cover the incredibly high costs from the tax revenues of several planets. There are sure to be soon discovered neighbors who have a toothache on our planets. So first we have to develop with spacecraft labs.

Try not to leave living neighbors, because at this impossible level, their aggression does not allow you to live peacefully side by side. Let us destroy the fleeting traders who fly into our radar. Unfortunately, the Shinari would bring at least double the benefits it would spend developing unconscious inventions: a paralyzing, ship-manipulating, cruising ship class. By connecting the buildings, we can achieve more intensive development here as well. As anti-espionage is very weak in this species, the anti-espionage spy must be trained.

In space combat, we can attack with torpedoes and cannons. We have little chance of stealing a fragmented invention from others. The close colonization of the planets provides a chance for continued hiding and relatively undisturbed developments. The goal, of course, is to develop and equip the crematorium. Conquest at a forced pace may confront us with less resilient ground defenses, machine gun forts. Reasonable but courageous attacks can bring the ultimate victory.

Iberon, impossible level:

Just yesterday I pushed a similar game. A major advantage of the Iberon species, in addition to cheaper and faster colonizing production, is that it is built at double the speed, so the main building on the colonized planet is completed sooner. However, irresponsible expansion also leads to early discovery, so only in a way. And technological wood is the same as for Kra’hen. Except there is no separate POD for the tank silo on a heavy cruiser. For heavy corvettes, however, there is a separate pod for shields here as well: a heavy torpedo and ion shield will be a good combination. There is espionage, but they are not something strong, a mission more complicated than planetary information cannot be entrusted to them, but fortunately it is not necessary.

Here’s a newer game, barely 1 week old:

They sucked again from all directions, and the espionage was weak for the Iberons as well. Virtually Iberon is a modified kra’hen: the same tech-tree, but there is no lack of espionage. Which I think is more of an advantage than kra’hen than a disadvantage: their espionage isn’t very strong, even though they have good spies. They are nowhere compared to the others, there is a lot of successful sabotage and information. It has the advantage of double construction and cheaper colonization production, but it can only take advantage of the latter if it is not discovered early. It takes about 5-6 planets at least to have time to go to a hard corvette where you can already fight torpedoes next to shields; or a heavy cruiser with an incinerator, if you managed to make at least two of them in time, you have already won the game. There is no opponent if you grind the Kra’hen in time. Toluen will be eaten by someone for breakfast anyway.

Toluen also Kra’hen practically, but they were better treated by fate or the development team. Because they have espionage, so they are no more protected against spies than Kra’hen, but there is no colonization bonus or a separate pod for the shields. There’s a reproduction bonus, but it doesn’t mean much because it stops growth and then much sooner due to a lack of stadiums. However, due to the lack of a separate torpedo pod, someone will almost certainly be among the first to grind them, as he does not have a long-range weapon up to a heavy cruiser. The plane torpedoes, but so it has no shields and they quickly break up the fleet, no paralyzers either. Bombs have a separate POD on the ships, but it’s not worth anything either: on a corvette level, maybe being able to shoot with a cannon and a napalm bomb on the space defense cannon at the same time. This is really just an advantage at the beginning of the game, if you already have two corvettes and a neutron cannon, your heavy laser. Not an opponent without a space cannon bomb. Bombs can only be used against space defense cannons, not in space combat. In vain, it torpedoes once there is an ECM on the ships, and as the gift has moved away from heavy corvettes in development, most species are already putting on the ECM. By the time the AI ​​gets to make a heavy cruiser with an incinerator beam, the song is over.

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