Open IG1 testing with VIDEO – Adani12345

With the masterpiece led by Dávid Karnok, with Open IG, we get to the middle of the Garthog story with the help of live video. A novelty over the traditional IG1 is that building development is built in, and with automatic construction, we don’t have to demolish every new building one by one. Based on Java, compatibility issues between computers have been eliminated and can be run on either Linux or Mac OS.

As an imaginatively created new item, we can even use the black market if we need some equipment or a ship burning. We can buy our own spare fighters at a relatively discounted price, we don’t have to beg for recuperation with the already “stingy” Colonel. Progress has also been made in terms of screen resolution: e.g. You can also adjust the game to a 4K resolution screen from the inside. With subtitled and multilingual, narrative videos, the game gets a new color. And automatic fleet equipment saves our hands from many thousands of clicks and muscle inflammation.

Larger planetary surfaces provide better construction on man-made colonies, thereby providing even better conditions for research with more laboratories. By varying each skill point, the game can be adapted to the player’s mentality, which racial qualities he prefers during the campaign. You can be a banker, a soldier, a socially sensitive diplomat, or a space explorer. Much of the exploitation of bugs found in the previous IG1 is not applicable in the Open IG, but we get quite a few extra features in the new game to fill the gaps. Novice players will also find in it the level of difficulty at which they also successfully complete the campaign.

A special treat is that we can also start a campaign by playing with other races. Gradual bug fixes have already made machine opponents more aggressive if we’re not playing a main campaign with the Galactic Empire. In ground combat, the tanks became more agile, and perhaps their appearance became different. Let’s just say it’s not a disadvantage for the Behemoths that in the previous IG1, by the time they got there to smash a building, we could safely wash our hair. 🙂

All in all, the careful design work, the creativity of the team, the excellent staff have installed IG1 full of new experiences on our machines. Thank You!

Open IG Installer (after Java installing)
Java installer
Open IG website

Adani12345 is broadcast by Open IG:

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