IG1 Planetary protection and delay of larger ships – 5API

Dargslan is attacking your planet with its entire fleet. Defend against 5 meson guns and 1 planetary shield 2.0. He sends the fighters to you first. Then 4 groups of fighters (14 pieces) and some destroyers. You take down the destroyers and attack a group of 14 fighters with all your cannons. As long as there are at least 1 fighter from each of the 4 fighter groups, no other larger ship will come at you because it is faulty and will be attacked by the rear destroyers that cannot come out.

When your defense has killed at least 10 from one group (looking at enemy losses in the stats), you select the other group. and you do this until approx. only 1-2 fighters remained. Then you take them off one by one nicely. By then, the destroyers and the battleships will get there, and the fighter jets will not distract the firepower of the meson cannons. Ergo: If there is inattention, you can reduce your loss. The downside to this tactic is that if you take down one of the 14 fighter crews, the bigger ships will come, and they may be circling back and forth while they are there. It was already the case that with this tactic – which I wrote above – it was a recharging thing because I failed the full defense, but it was an extreme case. However, there are so many advantages that it doesn’t start firing multi-headed missiles at your space bases, and it crashes completely randomly because of the missile jamming at the space base. Dargslan might get it with the missiles, but it could also get the player because they hit one way or another; or close to a planet, the space base fires orbiting Dargslan missiles, and then surely the cannons are also damaged. Plus you save 3×125,000 credits on space base cost, plus development costs, which can be put back at 100,000.

The downside to this tactic is that if you take down one of the 14 fighter groups, the larger ships will still come in, and the fighter may inadvertently distract the firepower of the meson cannon and the destroyers may break into the battleship. But it could also be that the fighters would circulate in such a way that the larger Dargslan ships would not fit in there and your cannons would face much less firepower at once. ”
100 words also have one end, 5 meson cannons, and a shield 2.0 will grab a full fleet of Dargslan, you need to skillfully microwave. If you lost the planet by accident, I can say, “Trust in God and save regularly!

I have found that this inverse injury does not come in all cases. I’ve seen a whole fleet of Ecaleps thoroughly beaten by the Dargslan, but another experience is that I managed to make an alliance early with the Sulleps and they also went with a full fleet against the Dargslan and a complete fleet of Dargslan fell while the flats continued their journey with 20 giant spaceships . So there are some interesting things here … The only thing about the fraudulent Dargslan is that I have written before that approx. I took down 30 of their entire fleet and it still came with the same amount, and then I was just playing with hexaeditor money fraud.

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