IG1 space combat and ground combat tactics – Prímás

As a challenge, try to play through the game by settling for ground combat only (without taking advantage of any mistakes, of course). The fact that there are not enough tanks to secure another planet can slow down the expansion considerably. Not to mention barracks, power plants, etc. proper placement.
It is interesting that in this case the Sullep will like it better. So much so that after a Sullep attack on the ground, our relationship with them rises to 20 diplomatically.

Against Dargslan: 5 meson cannon + planet shield 2.0, no space base required. Sends a couple of destroyers + fighters first. Always take down the destroyers first as soon as they reach your range, then you can jump on one of the fighter groups. When you’re done with it, a destroyer will still start, and then (I guess after settling 1 more group) the whole fleet will start. Important: Defend the planetary shield by all means, so attack whatever is destructive. If you shoot one at him, the meson cannon will jump at him with a cannon and leave the planetary shield alone. As long as the first battleship is not within range, each meson cannon fires a destroyer (spades-packs are captured, so as soon as one has so many, pause and find another target). As soon as a battleship is nearby, you have to jump on it right away because that’s really dangerous.

So the point in space combat:
1. Do not shoot hunters unless there is no one else.
2. Protect the planetary shield.
3. Take down battleships as soon as possible.

Ground protection:
3-4 barracks / fortress, if any, on one of the edges of the planet (where he can lay down tanks) and you can go there with your own tanks (with 20-30 behemoths you can definitely catch an entire attacking army). Here we take advantage of the fact that Dargslans always pack their units where ours is. Added to the 5 meson cannon + planetary shield defenses is that if you stick to what is described, you will survive the attack without loss with a little attention (you will often need a pause). With minor omissions, you can lose 1 meson cannon or the planetary shield, but it takes a lot of damage to break this defense. Damage their air defenses so much that when you actually want to attack the ground, the cannon (s) + shield (if you leave it) will have damage above 50% (you can see on the planet’s colony already with spy satellite 1.0 if a building is above 50% , it will be shown in red on the map).

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