Imperator (Kra’hen)-Endre (Cheblon) internet battle with VIDEO

In the Kra’hen – cheblon clash, both players considered only the advantages of the chosen race. The Kra’hen did not want spies to ruin his game: he found it particularly unpleasant to be busy with espionage, preferring brute force.

On the part of Cheblon, the small delicacies came to the fore: paralyzing, ship manipulating. Cheaper colonization for 35,000 is tempting, but some protection had to be put on the planets if Kra’hen came too early. Thus, cheaper colonization was of little use. After nearly 20 minutes of feverish development, the first battle occurred. The only battleship from the distance did its job nicely, the cruisers shredded on the front line. The Kra’hen’s plan was successfully drawn through, he could not develop the cremation beam. He couldn’t get close to me, so he was destroyed in a short time.

Imperator – Endre IRC battle:

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