Inverse damage to IG1 cannons and Dargslan does not cheat – Prímás

I don’t think the dargslan fleet is deceptive. It’s simply the strongest (okay, dulled by a maximum ecalep fleet), and the Darglan Kingdom is the largest and most advanced empire in the galaxy, so they have the biggest tax revenue.

They have two fleets – one is the conqueror, the other is the hunter, which will exterminate everyone else’s fleet if you get lost nearby. That’s why everyone else has a tiny fleet. Meanwhile, the Dargslans are only thriving (practically, they don’t really lose anything other than ground units in battle with other peoples), so it’s no wonder they’re able to get a full fleet out of nothing. I also dare say this because once I got to the Fleet Admiral level very quickly at normal gear and jumped on the Dargslans almost immediately. They didn’t have a full fleet, and they never exhibited a larger one. You can also watch the process from there by jumping up to a fleet admiral with a cheat, and you can observe that the Dargslans will have a fleet of 1 battleship for the first time; then it starts to grow pretty slowly. It’s no different than the others, it’s just slower for them. Of course the Sullep come second and so on …

The other thing that caught me right away: 98% damage to cannons after a battle: try it, they are inversely damaged. If the cannon is damaged 40% in battle, then it will be 60% on the planet. and vice versa: a cannon shot at 90% will be 10% (or around) after the battle. That is why e.g. after a Sullep attack, which is perhaps approx. he only scratches the planetary shield at 5 meson guns, all guns are around 90%. Playing for this, you can easily occupy e.g. all the planets as commanders – and what’s nice is that with this tactic e.g. starting at Center 1, the plans for planetary shield v2 and the meson cannon can be hacked before one becomes an admiral.

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