IG1: Interspecies imbalance – Zee’s response (Part 3): exposing the fraudulent machine

I usually try to keep the life of the cannons to a minimum, but in 90% of the cases, the alien cannons only collect 10-20% of the damage. But my own are always hovering over 90% when the Dargslans attack. Even if most of their lives remained in the battle. Looks like the less damage you do, the more damage the building will have after the battle?!
Anyway, what makes me most annoyed is that the alien vs. in foreign battles, air defense does not matter. If I do, a fleet of single battleships, the Ychom, will attack a 5-meson cannon-protected planet, Dargslan, there will always be ground combat (and only that.) Probably that’s why it’s alien vs.. air defense is retained when an alien planet is occupied. Not part of combat simulation. It’s very gas in the sense that aliens can rush down each other’s fully protected planets with minimal fleets, which then nicely takes back their earnings as well. They will get weaker and weaker. The game starts in August, I became an admiral in early December, a fleet admiral in early February. It’s only June now, but for months now, with the exception of the fraudulent Dargslan fleets, only others can exhibit attack fleets of up to 4-5 ships. 1-2 peoples also have another larger fleet, which is used only for patrolling, but ships also gather extremely slowly in them. If I took them down, it would take months to reproduce them. Yet I regularly support several peoples with money.
In the meantime, I found out what Liar might have been talking about when he claimed that strangers were cheating on the construction site. At first I thought he thought they could build on the excavated fields, but I didn’t find anything like that. The reality is much funnier. There are planets where aliens have more buildings on the building list than on the surface of the planet itself. An example of this is Dargslan Outer 14. According to the list, there are 3 hospitals there, but on the surface there is actually only one. Here comes the screw. If you send a spy satellite v2 there, which also shows the names of the buildings, and then click on the Info menu and within that the building list, you have the 3 hospitals. If you go down to the surface of the planet (where you can see that there is actually only 1) and then back to the list, you will in turn write only 1 hospital. So when the AI ​​fails to cheat on the buildings, its fictitious buildings disappear. : D so by sending out spy satellite v2 and looking at the planet’s surface, you can collapse (roughly down) the population on 1-2 alien planets. Quite a cheap solution.

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