IG2: Godan impossible level with VIDEO – Adani12345

Playing with Godan isn’t easy either: the strength of the race is that they feel equally good on every planet, so you don’t have to terraform. In the endgame, they no longer have special weapons, only cannons.

In midfield, on the heavy corvette and corvette level, however, they are strong, paralyzing, and the ships can last longer because of the double shield. The Iberon race was invented early, fortunately they did not build a fortress. With the exception of their home planet, I was able to defeat them, but his fleet was stronger. He had to do tricks and go out many times. I also made the mistake of trying to occupy a planet with a neutron cannon, but the space cannon settled the corvette without the shield. After that, there was no money to put back when he built a ship and should have been attacked. Mistake: you would have had to wait for a heavy pair of corvettes and napalm bombs, or even make a corvette with a heavy laser. He finally managed to defeat, then came the Kra’hen, he was close to Godan. This is a good tactic, in the endgame, if you let the others get stronger, you will be in trouble. Everyone has to go out in midfield without exception. The Kra’hens already had a machine gun fort, so they had to switch to tank development: an antigravity tank with a heavy tower was already effective against machine gun forts.

Antari wanted to make friends, they even betrayed the data of the last two planets of kra’hen, which was on the radar border. The Kra’hen also went into the soup. Later also in Antari, they were weak yet, there was no problem to suppress them. Shinari sucked on spies, but he didn’t have a cruiser yet, so I could grind them down, too, and people couldn’t evolve either. Yet they declared war with their dew-weak fleet. Two heavy cruisers that were right there.

The main fleet was no longer needed:

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