IG1: Interspecies imbalance – Zee’s response (Part 1)

Response to Liar ‘s article “Interracial Imbalance and Injustice“. I play at a difficult level and I managed to make sure all the races survive. It was not easy because the Traders Association is very weak. When I first ran to the last level, approx. after two weeks I looked at them. All the planets are the same light blue color, I say, okay, they are.

A little later it fell that they would be the dark blue, and all their planets were occupied by the AFN. So I went back to the beginning of the level. Eventually, I managed to keep them in play by taking my only relatively good fleet with them and defeating the weaker attackers with it. When the entire Sullep or Dargslan fleet set off for them, I went back to save 1-2 days earlier. I needed this two or three times at most in the one or two months until I was advanced and strong enough to beat them. Beside them, the Morgaths are the ones who need intensive help. The sweeps at me almost wiped them out by the time I remembered. The others pretty much stand on their feet, though sometimes I had to give a little help to the Ychoms. Sometimes I occupy a planet, repair it, pack it with police and barracks, and give it back so it can be better defended and bring them more revenue. Most importantly, some planets need to be left without tanks (but packed with air defenses) to attract Dargslan fleets and spare other peoples from them. Before developing a cannon, I used Garthog planets as bait, it doesn’t matter if there are 50,000 or 20,000 inhabitants on alien planets. If someone took it, I immediately recaptured it.

2. Colonization is very important at the penultimate level and at the beginning of the last. Planets inhabited by humans will bring in an order of magnitude more money. While alien planets can be taxed at very low – low levels, approx. With a 65% tax morale (since you can only build a police station, not other moratorium buildings); until then, humans inhabited planets even oppressively, and even rocky and earth-type planets were exploitative, and even for some time at the la Bokros level with a tax morale of over 90%. You can earn three times as much from extra trade. While on an alien planet of up to 50,000 it is almost impossible to approx. To achieve a daily income of more than 7 thousand, in the meantime 25-28 thousand credits per day will be collected on 50,000 inhabited planets (28,000 on planets capable of building the park, 25,000 on the others). Nor is it true that aliens are cheating and no matter how many buildings they can demolish, at least I haven’t even seen an example like that. Their buildings are simply smaller, so more can fit in the same place. But even on the smallest useful planet (this is Outer 27 in the upper right corner and morgath Exterior 1) there is room for a 40,000 human colony, bringing approx. 10-12 thousand credits per day. Not all morale buildings can accommodate it, so you can tax at maximum normal-height here, and tax morale is only around 80%.

The entertainment center significantly increases morale in human colonies

I do it quite often to exterminate the population of a planet and resettle it with humans. usually smoothly worth it. Oh, and it’s not true that the population of alien planets is growing faster. It grows by almost exactly the same rules as yours. The only difference is negative for strangers. On the alien planets is built a ca. 70-80 thousand population limit, above that you build extra capacities in vain. With a population of about 50,000, the rate of growth begins to decline as it converges to the limit. In contrast, on human-inhabited planets, even with a population of 80,000, the population can be increased linearly to the maximum (by a value of +74 every 6 hours) if you build adequate capacities.

3. Diplomacy really isn’t the best. As long as you are relatively weak, it is almost impossible to make an alliance once you are strengthened, you can smoothly make an alliance with all the peoples, even the stronger ones. They don’t even have to take the initiative, they come nicely on their own. If you are strong, then after going up approx. By 40 of your relationship, they will offer peace on their own in a few days and then an alliance. The easiest way to move a relationship is to knock the Dargslan out of the deadlock, because any attack on their enemies will increase your relationship with that species a bit. And the Dargslans are usually at war with everyone. Anyway, the text in the game writes about the Dribes that they first came into conflict with the Dargslan. Those he mentions as allies are the Ychoms and the Traders Association. In comparison, they have a fight with me, but there is a Ychom-Association of Free Nations (AFN)-Drib triple alliance. Moreover, for a while the ecaleps were in it, only then did they attack the AFN and the Dribes.

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