IG2: Antari impossible level with VIDEO – Adani12345

The ships of the Antari Empire have a faster engine. These come in handy especially when escaping and chasing towards the end of the game. Unfortunately, they don’t use a paralyzer, they also just read about manipulators, so they have to borrow them from other realms.

The situation is not hopeless, but we need to think carefully about the possibilities we have in the campaign-like game. Interestingly, their spies are not among the best, but they are able to produce ambiguous results in 1-1 action. Here you can think of luck. We can start with spaceship development, poor merchants are worth hunting down so as not to give the Shinari Empire extra income. Paralyzing + manipulating Shinari heavy cruisers and battleships already compete with other empires in the strength of the hull. Or don’t give the opportunity to space battles with uncertain outcomes towards the middle or end of the game, because losing the game would be just a matter of time.

The rapid discovery of other empires and the invasion of their defenseless planets will increase our revenues and we can concentrate on developing the fleet with steam power. Mention should also be made of spies: first of all, think of counter-espionage, as attacking spies from other empires can wreak havoc on our fleet as well, and they will be constant returning guests. Well-trained Antari deterrent spies can even convert an enemy spy.

We provide our ground defense with machine gun forts so that we are not rushed down by the slower fleet of the empire that has just been attacked. So at least the development of the MK3, a 14-speed engine, is enough for our escape from the enraged fleets. A fresh colony that may have been occupied, just building the main building, can be demolished because there is no realistic chance of protecting it from recapture. It covers our already high military spending with little money.

Machine gun forts will be of great help to us in the event of unavoidable ground collisions that occur earlier in time. We try to use our tanks to divert enemy tank traffic towards them so that as long as we shoot back at them, the forts will also thin them out.

Instead of forts, if the game situation allows — that is, they are not discovered until a laser-towed crawler tank is developed — it is better to defend the planet with tanks. Due to longer range, the enemy cannot reserve, tanks can be used for attack, and forts cannot. The laser tower crawler tank lasts for quite a long time: it gets stuck for a long time at the level of the gift cannon tower + crawler tank. You also get a float in the “Steam” version, so only escape is possible. I keep going up to the top of the mountain in the plain version where he can’t come up. My range is longer, so I beat it smoothly. Few range boosters are used by a few species, first a float is developed and placed after the laser tower. With a cannon tower, the range is 8, with a laser tower 10, and with a range-increasing laser tower, it will not reach this soon, only at the antigravity tank level, where it will have a range of 12 with a missile tower and 14 with a missile tower. I don’t use a rocket tower, the ion tower is stronger and can’t be disturbed.

In the space battles waiting for us at the end of the game, the combination of antimatter + cannons gives effective attack power. It doesn’t approach the cremation beam in sight, but it effectively roasts enemy ships.

Antari, impossible level:

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