IG2 Shinari campaign on a hard level – Adani12345 with VIDEO

The backbone of the campaign is spying: take advantage of this and build on it. By turning on the spaceport, we are attracting traders to the planet, which is an extremely important source of revenue complemented by a shopping center.

At a hard level, tank labs should be activated first among inactive labs. Strange as it may seem, let’s start with tank development. We can defend against a possible cha’karg attack with space cannons. Unfortunately, the beginning is doubtful whether we will be forced into a space battle or a ground battle. It is more profitable to develop tank towers and tanks as we face a significant headcount during ground collisions. The saying here makes sense: “It’s not quantity that matters, it’s quality.” With more firepower, we can take down many more weaker enemy tanks. Avoid melee: pretending to flee, we can shoot back at them within range.

We feel free to use the switching on and off of the buildings, depending on when you need e.g. to make a commercial center or spaceport active for a trader – let’s start as a second step in developing space capabilities. Strong ships will also be needed to capture Professor Zaschkin. The history of increasing volcanic activity is guaranteed to be obtained at this level. A paralyzer fitted to ships is vital when intercepting ships.

By subjugating realms discovered in time that do not use a paralyzer, we can gain a situational advantage in terms of money and speed of development. From the extra revenue, we can train our spies to infiltrate to successfully process enemy ships. The necessary ground combat can be fought more comfortably with the earlier developed anti-gravity tanks, even with zero loss. Our longer range is also effective against ground forts. The ship manipulator, which can also be interpreted as a goal, decides the space battle.

Shinari campaign, hard level, no reload:

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