IG2 Solarian campaign on an easy level with VIDEO – Adani12345

This is what is a walking gallop, even when ready to fall, it is impossible to fail. Attacking Pirates also come with only 1, up to 2 destroyers in the beginning. 4 destroyers with light lasers are enough against them. The pirate planet will also have 1 wheeled tank with machine gun furniture. 2 wheel tanks knock down smoothly.

In the beginning, there are also colonizing and terraforming, 2 planets instead of 1, and a tank factory. This way you can build a tank right away, you don’t have to wait until there is a production planet and money to build, and even more start-up money. The 5 lab capacities give you to develop ships up to corvettes and then tanks to antigravity tanks. You can then come across the equipment during production. The other races are also dew-weak: apart from the Kra’hens, they do not even attack, they even giggle for an alliance. Later, I had to make dozens of colonizers so I could reconnaissance and find the prey. The AI ​​works by always strengthening the army first and only then starting to expand and develop. On an easy level, that means making destroyers and wheeled tanks without reason, because you can only take heavy corvettes and crawler tanks on an impossible level. Once you’ve produced enough, you start to develop. They don’t even attack, not even for a long time. Not like on more difficult levels, so they can be beaten with 1 corvette and a crawler tank, equipped with a laser tower. Even from the fort he only reached the machine gun on the Kra’hen, the other races only built rocket forts. On the one hand, they are weak, and on the other hand, they can be shot out of range with a laser turret. There is no chance against a paralyzing corvette, only the space defense cannon 1 needs a neutron cannon or napalm bomb on the spaceships.

Solarian campaign, easy level:

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