IG1 space battle tactics step-by-step – 5API

As for ground defense, I am not usually idle. I put barracks on a lot of planets, but if I already have 3 barracks it’s still good because I can put down a lot of tanks. I’m pretty good against the weaker species, if the dargslan comes anyway. The only chance is to recapture the planet.

I never use space fighters unless I already have a space base 3 and a gun. In level 4, I take out one of the battleships, give him a tank, and attack a dargslan planet to see all the development opportunities. At level 5, I immediately start developing Battleship 3 and Cruiser 3. As well as a meson cannon and a multi-headed missile. Once you have the 3 battleships 3, 15 cruisers 3 all upgraded to maximum, the extermination of the species can begin. As I wrote earlier, I always ally with ecaleps, and whenever I know, I also fund them because they are pretty strong. If I’m still weak and dargslan would enclose a planet, I’ll always break down the barracks and barracks. When you turn them off, you capitulate, and then if you take it back, you have to shoot it apart. On the other hand, they shatter all the energy generators, which is a sore point for a small planet. The opponent is loaded with nuclear reactors, which you can demolish in case of recapture and replace them with solar power plants for 16 thousand pieces.

I tend to use the meson cannon bug with battleships against space bases. What I’ve noticed is that when your earth-space defense is attacked and advanced with the hunters, the space base 3 takes enemy fighters quite well. And I will disperse the space base missiles according to the space battle tactics described below, when the hunters have gotten there and are not moving, they are just firing. The little dirts are fast.
And in the pre-earth battle space battle, I will shoot 3 battleships 3 3×20 bombs v2, plus if necessary, I will shoot the cruiser’s 3 bombs against the dargslan meson cannons as needed. Sometimes I bring the 3 battleships into the grinder, but only if I’m sure he doesn’t suffer serious injuries. In the case of an earthquake, I lay down the units so that they are as far away from every building as possible, with 16 missile launchers v2 in the middle and surrounded by behemoths. When dargslan comes with its rocket launchers, I attack them from the side with the extreme behemoths.

About my space battle tactics:

As for the fighter jets, I think they need to be forgotten very quickly, I never buy them. It’s a very good target for multi-headed missiles, and on the one hand fighters fall like garbage, and on the other hand, the larger ships in your fleet also suffer. In the case of a space battle (against dargslan, of course), I take the 15 cruisers 3 in line. You select a center shape and begin to advance the cruisers in a vertical completely straight line, which is the vertical line on the foremost starting cruiser 3 (at the bottom of the battle map). So you haven’t done the shape form yet, you’re just starting to give them the commands to see where they’ll be later. Then OK and SPACE. You select one of your battleships -> missile (it must be multi-headed) and click on one of the dargslan hunters (whoever shoots it), then SPACE, SPACE. Then the time stands again, the rocket fires, you can shoot a new one. Rocket select, shoot, SPACE, SPACE. Be careful because it only displays nine missiles at a time and allows them to explode. If you shoot more with this tactic, it will take away from you as if you had fired, but it won’t show you, ergo can’t hurt either. You will then scatter your fighters with this tactic until they run out completely. By the time they run out, your larger ships will also suffer serious losses, and you won’t even start anything with cruisers. The dargslan starts to come at you with the other ships, you don’t do anything, the cruisers are in two columns (right, and in the column facing the battleships there are fewer, the column doesn’t fill up, so 2 at the top, 4 at the bottom) and shoot the enemy multi-headed missiles and, at the same time, ships. He’ll come to you with his battleship in front. If it pops out, and of course a sufficient number of cruisers, it retires. That’s when enemy multi-headed missiles usually still come, so you don’t move with cruisers, let them shoot as they just crash and injure your fleet. Then the opponent retreats. Star map SPACE, attack on the previously retired fleet. The battle map comes in again, the show starts again. Now you’re not going to rocket because it makes no sense, rocket jamming is on every ship. So the situation is almost the same as I described earlier, you are putting your fleet in battle order. By the time they line up, they are already starting to shoot the enemy with their meson cannons. When one of his cruisers explodes, he begins to retreat. Now you select the cruisers in the first column (towards the dargslan) and click in front of the cruise column, a few inches. When they start: SPACE and select one of your ships to attack. The mezzanines will also shoot at a stopped time, and then you will click a few inches in front of the cruise column again. Designate enemy ships to attack so that there are no obstacles in front of the cruising column, so the enemy ship is always destroyed by the time the column reaches. With this trick, they will keep going forward and the meson cannons will always scatter the enemy.

We try to minimize cruising loss by choosing good tactics

In the very first battle, you shouldn’t even go ahead with the cruisers just because one (or the second) Dargslan battleship may start firing back with meson guns while fleeing, and so you could be at a great loss. You do this crushing tactic until you attack it again and again until you crumble the entire fleet. Nothing is left of them. With this space battle tactic, you will have an average of 1-2 cruiser losses, which is easier to make up for than an entire fleet. Exceptionally (since I’ve been playing, only once so far) I’ve failed 8 cruisers, so that battle was reloaded and they’ve gone before every battle ever since. At the very beginning of the game, when there is no main building on the planet Achilles, I demolish the police and the research center, and I already have money for the main building. It’s important that auto-repair of buildings is turned off and you don’t spend anything until then. True, there will be a bit of a food shortage in San Sterling and Naxos, but in the meantime they will endure lower taxes.

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