IG1 Space Battle and exploiting bugs – Floyd69

I don’t like to even occupy a planet. Not just because of the decline in developments. There are a few more bugs in the game that are worth taking advantage of:

1) Space base 2 is powerless against particle launchers and space base 3 is helpless against meson guns. If you turn on the firing range when you attack a planet and move a spaceship just to the limit of the firing range of the space base, the base can’t even shoot, not even the ground cannons. However, the range of the particle launchers is just a little longer and they start firing at space bases. So if I attack space base 2, 2-3 particle launchers are enough and all three (!) space bases fall into the dust. In one case, it doesn’t work if you go against space base 2 with a particle launcher, but there are meson guns. Unfortunately, they are already reaching your ships, but this is rare.

2) Go to level 5: if you have 24 planets and you don’t attack the dargslan, they won’t attack either and you can develop everything and produce more full fleets. This is very cool, the mistake is there is no time limit. By this time the dargslans had long suppressed all the surrounding species (Ychom, Morgath, Drib, Traders, AFN), all the planets were green around you, the sulleps and maybe even the ecaleps were living around you (and of course they were attacking, but by this time I was chasing them home).

3) Another flaw is the AI strategy in battles. In ground combat, he attacks without reason, in a rush, instead of waiting with tanks grouped around the barracks, because then only in the case of great excess strength could a more seriously protected planet be occupied. And in space battle, when the AI attacks a planet, it starts advancing its destroyers one by one (!) while the rest of the fleet is waiting.

4) An unfavorable mistake: when I start producing fighter jets at levels 2 and 3, they are still weak and erupt quickly, especially from missiles. Already at level 4, fighter planes 4 and 5 suffer heavy losses in any battle. Fighter 1 is a thing of the past in level 4. In contrast, AI fleets contain only fighter 1 and have a firepower of 5, which is the same as my fighter 1. The mistake is that I can’t destroy them quickly with even meson guns, a unit of 15-16 fighter jets can barely be shattered by 5 meson guns. If I want to use fighters in space battle, it turns out I have to quickly forget that. This is not fair!

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