IG2: csempike-Sziszi-Endre kneading internet battle for ground defense with VIDEO

In this battle, they made the mistake of focusing exclusively on ground defense. At the beginning of an IRC game, of course, you need some wheeled tanks, or maximum machine gun forts on the planets; however, developing a laser fort has not proven to be an effective solution.

Unfortunately, their spacecraft development was lagging behind, and in the beginning they even wasted money on terraforming. Even a twenty-thousand-dollar terraformer hits such a budget hole that it can’t even be cut later on a 60-planet star map. For the latter will soon take the form of a space battle. The three destroyers received at the start can be easily erased, but the laser fort preferred by both players for each planet has been really slowed down by the principle.

Paralyzing corvettes with a firepower of 350 fight confidently

Wheeled tanks cannot be used to occupy planets protected by laser forts, but empires weakened by fever easily disintegrate by the time I get to the antigravity tank and go to occupy it. The shinari counter-espionage worked quite well, with the cheblon spies slowly reaching their target.

GALLERY: csempike-Sziszi-Endre IRC battle

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