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The game doesn’t start well from the start, you can’t find a good manufacturing planet nearby and you will soon discover the Shinari as well. Later humans too, but I only have 2 planets, and I don’t even have a laser tower or range extender before discovery; I only have a crawler tank.

Luckily, by the time I actually had to go to war, I had the two developments, and I set out to develop a corvette as well. Before that, I even figured out the MK2 engine so as not to grind my fleet. If I’m not slower than him, the AI doesn’t attack the fleet in general. In fact, if he had discovered a planet before, he almost never did. Luckily, the godan found the shinari so he didn’t spy on it anymore. He could blow up a spaceship lab. There was neither money nor time to colonize, so I attacked the planet of the godan, which was freshly occupied by the shinaris. My spies also found the Solarian Empire.

Protection with two tanks

Defense went with tanks: I had 2 destroyers with an MK3 engine so I couldn’t catch up. Each race even made heavy heavy corvettes with the MK2 engine for the gift and didn’t have enough labs to develop yet. I was able to shake it off with an MK3, and I left the laser tower tanks on the planet I booked. I couldn’t occupy a mother planet because it also protected me with space defense cannons and machine gun forts, but I could pay attention to it. He was always trying to expand, he just had to wait until he had built and colonized a colonizer. Then immediately occupy the colonized planet and leave the tanks.

Everyone colonized me. With cannon-towed crawler tanks, he had no chance, he just had to be careful not to corner him while backing away. The range of the cannon tower: 8, at the range extender, with laser tower: I had a range of 12. By microscopy and taking care not to get close, you can overcome it too. Sometimes the program goes crazy and the tank spins back and forth: you can catch up. If I fall for a tank because of this, I tend to reload the backup. Of course, simulation and rush should be turned off, because the longer range will not be taken into account then; it only maths out the end result by looking at the firepower.

Initial difficulty: space defense cannon 2

Of course, I also reload it with left-handed spies, I don’t have many good spies: there is only one attacker and more defenders. My attacking spy needs to be taken care of, if anything happens to him, I’d rather reload and not send him. I occupied every planet of the solarian I knew. I couldn’t attack a fleet yet because I had a dew-weak fleet, but faster. The stalemate came, the planets protected, he can’t book either, I can’t either.

Another way of playing AI that can be exploited is that if you run out of tanks you will always only take as much as you can to defend your defense. It can be useful to defend with forts, only consider fortified forts. If they are all off, it will come with 1 tank. After running out of tanks, turning on the forts is unlucky, here it comes with 2-3 tanks, later with 5-6 tanks 2 laser towers smoothly bounce back. If you manage to destroy your fleet, you will still be attacked again with a few ships, which can be defended with even a stronger one parked in the right place. By omitting military buildings, a lot of money can be saved this way. I spied on a few more shinari planets, I also occupied them. I made money for the development by demolishing the factories. At 37:47, the shinari was also able to sabotage. To hear with the microphone turned on as I remembered their ancestors pursuing the ancient profession. 🙂

The shinari space cannon 2 slightly tore the heavy corvette

I wasn’t bad at espionage, especially since a lot of spies were caught by my agents afterwards. There’s not much chance against the shinari’s espionage bonus. Of course, in the game, it happens that no matter how good your spy is, and no matter how much your opponent is nowhere; you can still sabotage in espionage, and you can’t even ward off it even with a reload. The Shinari spies cheekily and has also developed a range extender. I was angry with him: I even managed to discover the planet of the tank manufacturer. With a piece of heavy corvette, however, I couldn’t kill the space defense cannon 1, I also needed the neutron cannon.

In the meantime, we are already writing 2343, a heavy cruiser has also been developed. The Toluen is pretty bad at space combat, so far it is dew-weak: there is no paralyzing, you can only mount a torpedo in place of shields. Your fleet is incapable of cremation and heavy cruising, your ships can be crushed quickly without a shield. It is no accident that they die almost always among the first. In order not to be a simple walking gallop, the kra’henes arrived completely unexpectedly, they were also close. Luckily, they attacked the planet where there were a lot of tanks: so hard, but I was able to defeat them.

The heavy cruiser now takes obstacles easily

I was able to beat the Kra’hen fleet with my only heavy cruiser, equipped with an incinerator in the meantime, after a few attacks. He had hundreds of fighters left, I could have killed them too, but it’s boring to wait until he shoots them. In a simulation, he takes the heavy cruiser as if defeated by many useless fighter jets. I also crushed every planet I saw nearby and wasn’t seriously protected. From here, he had to start on tank development. In the meantime, it also became a megatank, but there was still little against the machine gun forts. But my pumpkin started to fill up with solarian, so I scattered everything around the forts to let them rebel. With a 4 megatank heavy tower, however, it has already smoothly ground the Shinari planet. They didn’t have any more, they capitulated. Ion tower was also available, from here it was possible to attack the Kra’hen, it was not difficult. The iberons remained, they had been hiding so far. They were even easier to push down, no forts were built, he even had tracked tanks. Put on simulation, after defeating their fleet, the planetary occupation went quickly.

Toluen, impossible level:

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