IG2 solarian campaign on a hard level, with Adani12345’s VIDEO

It’s instantly a big gamble on any campaign if, instead of capturing a pirate planet, Cha’kargs come with a fleet at the beginning. You have to build space cannons from the outset, which is an added cost and also costs you. Plus, only two were built, so success was a hair’s breadth away.

You can’t save colonization, which would be 50,000 credits by default. You don’t get the bar either, it needs to be developed, or whatever I’d rather do: I’ll shut the mouths of the people with parks. You don’t build a machine with automatic construction, you have to pay attention to it. If they whine about nightclubs, build another park. They still have a population of up to 30,000, and then they urge the construction of the stadium anyway. As we know, on a hard level, there is no time to mess with buildings, so we are certainly not developing a civilian building; even a military building only if you have to. They can withstand basic buildings until they are occupied by the occupied planets.

We cannot spend on developing and building a stadium

They discovered me pretty soon, it was even frowning that he didn’t attack right away. The laser tower was not ready yet, and it only attacked when it was already there. I had a tank on every planet. I also had to fight a multi-front war, in the endgame the antari and kra’hen attacked at the same time. In addition, ships were blown up by the shinari, with whom I was not at war. They were much stronger in spies, no wonder they have a bonus and are basically twice as strong as their spies. I must have slipped a couple of sabotages from others as well, although I was on an equal footing with them as spies. In contrast to the Shinaris, however, I was nowhere to be seen.

Luckily, the Shinari was slammed in front of me, so the sabotage operations stopped. I also had to tickle and chuckle with kra’hen for a long time: I already had a cruiser and a heavy cruiser when I was still developing, while I was fighting heavy corvettes. I had to jump two feet into ship development and manufacturing to have a cruiser by the time my speed increased from 14 to 16. I can continue tickling, tying up my fleet. Luckily, he collects ships long enough and only sells his slower ships once he has built enough stronger ones. The machine never divides its fleet, so you can only beat it by taking advantage of it. It always has a fleet, so with split fleets you can shred your hinterland by occupying planets, one day you will run out.

Clearly, there is only a chance against the kra’henes in the endgame with battleships. It needs to be developed. I don’t usually if you don’t have to because it takes a long time and is expensive to develop. Of course, it also costs a lot to manufacture, I prefer to build more heavy cruisers on the money saved. You can also pack everything on it except protection against both ranged weapons. That’s why you need the battleship in the endgame: Kra’hen is the only one who uses a torpedo and cremator on all his ships as well. That’s why the ECM or disarming on-board tactics don’t work: you both need it, in a cruising fleet if you’re not outnumbered, you have no chance (which is usually the case). It kills without ECM with nuclear torpedoes, and without a weapon jammer with an incinerator beam.

The solarian battleships with a strong protective shield solve the problem

Now at least I managed to prolong the game until we had the crystals. There will usually be two or three because the game is over by then.

You can play tickle-csuk between and around 2-3 planets indefinitely. All you have to do is pay attention to the fact that if you build a fortress on it, it has to be sold before it is built. This is the only way you can book with 1 tank. You will only attack a slower fleet, you will need an MK5 engine and cruiser as soon as possible. Over time, he will produce a lot of cruisers and if he already has a lot more, it will sell the corvettes and jump to 16. You will then cut out your booking ship immediately.

This feature – that AI always keeps a fleet and does not attack slower fleets – can also be used to protect planets from space, saving a lot of military building development and construction. In border areas, you can defend a planet by leaving a ship with a tank, or if you don’t come with a weak fleet (you won’t attack with many ships after your once defeated fleet) that you can cut out before it reaches the planets; you can book them back immediately. That way you won’t occupy 10+ planets by the time you get there with your main fleet. It is possible to take time with tickle-buck until the main fleet gets there from the other end of the galaxy and deals with the intruder. Unlike the first part, here the population does not decrease after the fights, no matter how many times it can be recaptured.

Here’s how it works with crystals:

– The brotherhood will find the first one.
Crystal 2 is found by a pirate and asks for 50,000 credits for it, but he also gives it for 30,000.
The 3rd will be in an empire that is not Kra’hen, Antari, or Shinari in general. You buy them dearly, or you kill them and lose them by force. With diplomacy, I’ve never been able to get it, but it might go that way. I couldn’t bargain for the special menu, it could only be bought. The message goes: here is the money, I ask for the crystal and deduct the money, I finally get it. There is no bargaining power.

– And the 4th is always with kra’hen. If after the 2nd there is only the Krahen Empire, the story does not continue. I had already tried to keep a reserve for the kra’hen, but despite waiting for a long time, nothing happened.

Solarian campaign, hard level, obtain all 4 crystals:

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