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It’s easier with the Kra’hen race, especially if you want to play without recharging than I do here. There is a lot of lutri here in other species as well, but it is even harder due to espionage. A ship sabotage caught in a mid-game can mean defeat, or early discovery if you don’t already have tanks.

The others come standard with a heavy corvette, MK2 engine, torpedo, heavy laser and crawler tank cannon turret. They start with the same planet with 3 destroyers and 2 wheeled tanks, but they can be made from the beginning. They also make it, and you have to develop it before they do. In the Steam version, everyone also gets the float, it’s harder to defend there. It is not possible to escape to a mountain with a longer range. If they are discovered early — before you have a minimum laser-tower, tracked tank — you can only win if you develop a machine gun fortress.

However, there is often no time for that, and even if you develop buildings, you fall behind properly. Laser turret shooting range-increasing tanks can be used to defend and even attack for a long time, because it takes a long time to build up so many labs that you move away from the technique you received as a gift. The AI moves linearly, building a spaceship, tank, building lab continuously as soon as it has capacity. He develops everything he knows at that level, so e.g. you won’t have a float until you have at least 4 labs out of everything. Until then, it won’t develop the MK3 engine either, and of course the machine won’t turn on the labs. That way you can only bring it in, and since the game is decided in space, spaceships need to be developed. Tank development must be brought forward in order to be able to defend and attack as well. As you can see, you can already attack at corvette + MK3 level.

You have to hunt for weak or unprotected planets and then leave the tanks so you can’t retake them. His main planet and fortifications will remain with him, but he will also colonize. You wait for it to colonize and then occupy it. What’s more, if you already have an MK3 engine, you can put it on your wrecker and book it. Be careful not to hit your fleet last! There will be no space battle if you are careful and can’t catch it. If you’re already leaving in development, it’s a plain affair. It will evolve very quickly if it occupies many empires, it will suddenly have a lot of research capacity.

IG2 Kra’hen, impossible level, skirmish, without reloading:

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