IG2: The_King-krahen-Endre internet battle with VIDEO

A meeting of different playing styles and economic policies. The special rule of the game was that there was no espionage. This greatly influenced empire-building: it may seem like a relief at first, but the order of development does not matter.

Not to see this every day

At the beginning of the game, a rare mistake came up: most of the uninhabited planets were visible. He gave no positional advantage, they soon disappeared. First, you had to pay attention to the spaceships, because if spying is banned, an average player would expect a quick booking. Advanced spacecraft are slowing this down and not allowing the plan to be carried out. I started to make a wheeled tank in large batches next to it with a laser tower at the beginning so as not to come as a surprise. Vehicles are stuck at this level because whoever frantically develops spacecraft cannot side-load advanced ground units at the same time.

The BIG meeting

Apparently, the first space battle also came late from star time, with the Kra’hen Empire lagging slightly behind in development. He would have had some, but not much, chances of picking up a couple of heavy cruisers if he hadn’t gone in the middle to pile his ships. Divided into at least three groups at this time, missiles are more effective in attacking towards the edges of the battlefield. The iberon doesn’t have to do anything at this point: a cannon, a gun, a laser does its job, as all enemy ships are within range.

Nostalgia space bases

Unfortunately, by this time, the 80th Firefighting Space Base 1. is worth nothing against cruisers. He thought krahen that they would collide in space at the beginning of the game and catch his opponent with the space bases. Poor destroyers are already unnecessarily torpedoing.

Fully developed iberon battleships proved to be few

Iberon would have had a chance to win, only mine along its bigger, prettier, stronger principles sold its cruisers and only thought of a battleship. With several ships, cruisers sent to the center with a distractor, the Shinari could not have used the ship’s manipulator. The Shinari had some combat camouflaged cruisers, but its battleship was only two. With a combat camouflage, for example, you can steal the manipulator by sneaking closer to your opponent, because camouflaged ships only flash for a moment.

Video: The_King, krahen, Endre IRC battle

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