Imperium Galactica II. game was 20 years old – IRC birthday game with VIDEO

Let’s start with a date event: December 1, 2019 IG2 celebrated its 20th birthday. Special thanks to those who played IRC without sparing ship and time.

We played two games on Sunday night, you can read a shorter account of the first, and the pictures speak for themselves. Special thanks to Synchronization failed for participating in the game, without it the internet game is unthinkable.

I started the game as a sluggish armchair revolutionary. It wouldn’t have been a particular problem, just Strom showed up as a representative of the Shinari Republic, and as you can see in the video, I tried to stop Strom’s agent work with the Cheblon Clan with a spy that got infiltration points instead of spy control.

The 75 fire heavy destroyer has little against the space cannon

Luckily, I escaped certain destruction, but I didn’t look down on his planet to see if he had any protection. At the beginning of the game, you can arrest a huge fleet with such trifles. It was huge because he dealt with 2 of my destroyers with spies, I sold the third so I could develop a heavy destroyer and he would blow up the big nothing with his spies.

After realizing that I had made the biggest mistake of two decades regarding my spies, I had already recruited a counter spy. There were no more ships there, but some ground defense was also needed.

Arranging your missile force in a Y shape proved to be effective

In ground battle simulation in the early stages of the game, there is no damage to the forts in a wheel tank attack, no need to repair after Strom. With a long and intense attack, I weakened and dismantled his empire. He did so well that the other empires had become three times more advanced by this time, before Strom was eliminated.

The Solarian Empire went with 150 firepower corvettes for the same class of godan missile-paralyzing ships. One could have a maximum of winter rubber on the solarian ships as an extra. 🙂 With a retreat, maybe he could have started something in terms of defense, although there is no time stop on the Internet. It is difficult to plan and act in real time in parallel.

If you meet your neighbor at the beginning of the game, you can do two things: make an alliance, or start hiking your fleet and running down him.

Video: IG2’s 20th birthday IRC game

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