Rebellion after minus space combat power – Tonic

I was a Solarian race where I was not at war with the shinari. What happened? The shinari sparked a revolt on the planet where the greatest shipbuilding took place. And it was peace!

I recaptured it with mega tanks and we started fighting. With my 100 ships (Titan, battleship, heavy cruiser, mega tanks) I took off their main fleet. They just don’t have a ship manipulator! Now they barely have planets and my ships are running low, but there are plenty of supplies, including tanks. If I crush them once and for all, I will make the largest army of ships and tanks of all time. With that, I will kill the Kra’hens. And I haven’t even used the novabomb.

My tactic will be: I will attack with divided fleets. In the first my main forces with tanks, in the second 2-3 ships with 5-6 strong tanks and I start to occupy its planets. Kra’hen, of course, immediately recaptures and builds forts, but I recapture them even before their fort is built. In the meantime, I occupy the other planets with my main fleet, so he builds the forts for me, which he can’t take back.

Without a weapon distraction, the Kra’hen will fry your ships

My ships are tuned in with combat camouflage. I will be disguised in battle until the antimatter jet is charged, then it will be destroyed! In the meantime, I have made peace, reorganizing my lines.

I also put a gun jammer on the ships so you can’t use the incinerator beam, if you have any on your ships. On the other hand, you have to go close to it with a gun jammer because it is not effective from a distance. Destruction is performed by the turbo laser + photon / meson cannon package. I suggest the slider in the direction of attack be to the right at about 75%.

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