IG1 planet defense and space combat: Floyd69

If I have a space base in planet defense, hunters, then the enemy will be sprinkled with multi-headed missiles and they will destroy the particle or meson guns as well and I will lose the planet.

If there are only 5 meson guns + planetary shields, I can take down your 3 battleships with good tactics before the guns are fired. I don’t use a space base exactly because of the multi-headed missiles. Sulleps, Ecaleps, and Dargslans all use multi-headed missiles. I tried to defend against a full (28-ship) sullep fleet with 5 meson guns + shields with 3 space base v3s, but their multi-headed missiles dismantled everything. Against the same fleet, playing with cannons only, I smashed the 3 battleships + 10 destroyers and then cleared them. I don’t know exactly what the difference is between heavy and normal already, because I’m always pushing at a difficult level. I think you can give it a try because it’s not that dangerous.

At the admiral level, they are attacked several times and that’s pretty much the difficulty. Respectively, the dargslan already subjugate the weaker species: Ychom, Morgath, Drib. The difference in the initial levels is minimal, I think you’ll have a viral infection twice on the planet New Caroline and not once … but I don’t remember exactly anymore … I’m going to try space-based defense because I may still know little about the game.

The dargslan barracks provide strong protection

Dargslans attack when you occupy planet 25, so it’s worth counting how many planets you have in the planet list so the dargslans don’t attack prematurely. You also get to the Dargslan if you attack one of their planets or your fleet (of course this is not recommended). I also play on a hard level, the game gets rough at admiral level because everyone is attacking. Solution: 3 barracks go to each planet + plasma launcher + shield. You can make particle extractors later if you have developed them.

On the third level, it is very important that everything is developed before Garthog 4 is occupied, with at least 20-30 medium tanks in stock. Then, when you reach the fourth level, immediately develop the heavy tank and barracks. Each planet has 3 barracks + let’s have 30 heavy tanks if they attack. Be sure to build cannons on the busy garthog planets, because at the beginning of the fourth level you can’t lay down a barracks yet and your hard-earned garthog planets will be virtually defenseless.

Mezon cannon is the dream of every planet

It must always be developed and built for ground defense first, the development of the fleet must be reserved for later. At the beginning of level 4, your fleet is terribly weak: in vain you have 25 destroyers and 3 battleships. Don’t get involved in a fight with him because even the weaker species will crumble ….

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