Open IG1 encodes double virus infection – with VIDEO

The original Imperium Galactica I game was 23 years old in March. With careful patrols, it was possible to avoid infecting other planets as well.

The merchants turned back nicely when I kindly asked them, or by means of military diplomacy, not to land here. No matter whatever dusts off, you better turn around.

Open IG1, on the other hand – I don’t think it’s a big mistake – has a virus infection twice on the planet New Caroline. I remember Adani’s strategy of reporting only the second viral infection to Colonel Douglas. No matter how I varied, I also built them four hospitals on the planet, I couldn’t eliminate the double virus outbreak.

It is a sad parallel to the current situation on planet Earth, so on April 4, 2020: save our health every day, don’t infect each other, if possible, really stay home. Also to be 3427th, and New Caroline planet.

The little chameleon showed new things to many people:

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