IG1 space battle tactical procedure: 5API

3 battleships 3, 15 cruisers 3, battleships equipped with multi-head rockets, it is designed for dargslan hunters as follows:

A multi-head rocket is a good solution for hunters

Pause (space) at the beginning of the battle, rocket to one fighter, then pause, rocket to one fighter, pause … and so on. Beware, you can only fire 9 missiles at a time so that they explode. If you shoot more, it will be deducted but not displayed graphically.

Cruise 3 has the best problem solving skills

At the start of the battle, you will arrange 3 other ships in a row and use pause generously to always determine who you are attacking. It is advisable to attack large ships because their hunters are weak. For planetary defense, the situation is the same, but there is no multi-head missile on your bases. Whatever you do, you can lure the fighters. You have 5 meson guns, planet shield v2, and 3 space bases 3. You don’t deal with the hunters, so come on, you always pay attention to the bases and guns firing at big ships.

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