IG2’s most exciting 20th Birthday online game – with Endre’s VIDEO

December 1, 2019: The Imperium Galactica II. appeared exactly 20 years ago. On this occasion, as every year, we organized an online birthday party. The 20th game was played by people who had been playing the game from the very beginning. (Very professional.)

Like in previous years, I didn’t expect anything extraordinary, then something happened. For 20 years I have never made such a mistake, which could be a school example of “How not to play IG2!” video.

Fate threw a Cheblon Clan, I began to expand bravely. Spies of the species may be the second best after Shinari. As usual, I sent him for training. Unfortunately, he was soon discovered by a player called Strom who was attacking the Shinari race. Let’s watch the video in just 6 minutes (if you read this article during office hours, check it out):

The end result of my laziness was that Strom failed and unfortunately fell out with the Republic of Shinari. But his proof is that it is impossible to defeat the Shinari spies. Of course, it remains a mystery as to how many levels and what infiltration it had. 🙂

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