Starting IG1 under XP or Installing Open IG1 for Windows: 5API’s solution

This is how the Imperium Galactica I started.

1. You will take the contents of the 2 CDs of the game and as you copy them to a directory where you want them to start and do not need to be overwritten, the lead animations are the same.

2. You start Total Commander. You take the contents of IG1_V12 (this is the 1.2 patch you can extract from eg and copy it into the folder where you copied the contents of the two cd’s and of course you overwrite everything.

3. Then, in the folder where you copied the game, look for the SETUP directory and double click on Install.exe

4. Then you will grab the contents of IG1_V13 (this is patch 1.3, which you can also extract from there) and copy it to the game folder and overwrite everything.

5. You will install DOSBox-0.74. Everything makes sense here. You can find it on the official website, just checked it out.

6. Drag the Install.exe file from the game directory, left-click it and drag and drop it to the DOSBox-0.74 startup file. This is more convenient than typing DOS commands within DOSBox.

7. Detect the sound card or set it up yourself, then test the sound (hopefully there will be sound), then exit and save.

8. Drag and drop the Imperium.exe file in the game directory and drag and drop it to the DOSBox-0.74 startup file. The game has started.

9. Within the DOSBox – to keep the game well and even in the main menu of IG1 – you start pressing F12 while holding down Control. This increases Cpu Cycles. And Ctrl + F11 to zoom out. I had to push it up to 35000 to run smoothly. If you are tired of raising it by only 500, you will move the cycleup line to 2000 in the Dosbox conf file, then increase it by 2000.

Try how it works best because I read different info about it.
From now on you can play smoothly. : D

This has only been tested on Windows XP. The most secure is the Java installer of Open IG1 for Windows.

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