IG2 solarian campaign on hard level – Adani12345’s tactics

I tried hard on a man’s campaign saying I get all the crystals, but it didn’t go.

I defeated 2 races in the beginning, then when the Kra’hen grinded the Iberon and the Shinari the Godan and the Toluen, in the end only two remained. The Kra’hen attacked first: I left them with 3 planetary reserves to keep it from ending. I buddied with Shinari, but they also attacked me, defeating his fleet, and capturing a few planets beyond what I had seized from him.

Peace was soon established in diplomacy. Crystal One: Shortly afterwards, the pirate came and told me the whereabouts of the asteroid field, and the second and. It got stuck here, no empire came in, I was bored after half an hour and defeated the Kra’hen. The Shinari immediately surrendered. Should one more species be kept alive to continue? I remember crystal 3 is from another species that is not Kra’hen. The last one is with Krahen, so they must be kept alive forever.

Vélemény, hozzászólás?