Merging the old Imperium Galactica I. 2 CD – Toroco’s solution

How do I mount two IG1 CDs on my hard drive? The contents of the two CD’s must be copied to a directory as is. I have this “imperium” library. You do not need to install it, but just put the contents of the CDs in a folder, for example, on the “C:\” drive.

There are two patches: 1.2 and 1.3. Here is the user guide. ATTENTION! For patch 1.3, you also need 1.2. It is a known problem that Imperium Galactica I. does not run on newer types of machines (Pentium II, Celeron, or faster). The solution to this problem is:

– Download both patches.
– Unzip it to a directory (C:\TEMP) first, then 1.2.
– Overwrite your 1.2 files with the files in 1.3.
– In DOS prompt or from DOS mode, switch to the CD (eg D:\) which contains the first CD of Imperium Galactica I.
– Then enter the following line:   C:\TEMP\install.exe
– The install program starts. Install the game.
– Then copy the uncompressed files (including directories) from the C:\TEMP directory to the directory where you installed the program. If you did everything right, the program will start.

In the end, copy the stuff where you put the contents of the two CDs into: “imperium” directory.
– Install dosbox 0.74. (I’m only calling dosbox 7), put his icon on the table.
– After that – not necessarily – but if there is no sound then there may be a hardware problem. From the “imperium” folder, drag the “install” file icon onto the dosbox desktop icon. Adjust the sound, test and save. If there is sound then it will work, if not then there is a hardware problem.
– If there is a sound, drag the imperium.exe icon to the dosbox icon in the same way.
If you have succeeded so far, then the game goes without throwing, without speed, without slippages, and there is VERY GREAT HAPPINESS .

So you don’t have to install the program. Everything go into the eg. to the “imperium” folder and from there you can do everything.

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