Ninive’s economical Imperium Galactica I. campaign for poor admirals

I played a lot and I still play IG1 today. Although neglected lately, I haven’t missed her time for half a year. At first, I also played to push everyone as quickly as possible, so let’s get to the next part. Then I realized that it was so difficult, everyone was my enemy, they were constantly attacking me, sometimes I didn’t even know where my head was, so I got entangled in many messages.

Enemy fleet near planet Garthog 4, another at Centronom, planet Naxos, starving people, too few people in Magellan 3, I know where something blew up and King Dargslan is bothering with threats in the diplomacy room. Not to mention the Sullep Clan. They also had big faces.

Earth Battle on Garthog 5 Planet

The point is diplomacy. You have to defeat the Garthogs, because we can move on to the next section. But don’t be afraid of that, I’m going to pull my last planet straight until I get the best of it, and when it’s all done, I’ll attack him. Because once we get busy, the real game starts.

The rest of the peoples do not need to be hurt: from the Ychoms through the Sullep to the Alliance of Free Nations, everyone can be understood. I used to attack the Drib Protectorate for seizing the planet. By the way, I am colonizing my people. With only Dargslan the enemy, the rest are allies, it’s much easier and more fun to play.

Let’s just say the trouble with the Allies is that they are constantly chasing money, horses and guns, but at least they don’t attack. Also, you don’t have to always tell them something, you can also reject the request. I can’t remember which people are (Ecalep Republic – the editor), but they are trying to make money with such naughty lies that it is worth trying diplomacy.

Don’t cheat! This game does not deserve to be won by cheating! The rest, but it doesn’t belong here.

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