Taking the Imperium Galactica I. through – Floyd69’s overall strategy

The IG1 is not difficult to run, I have never used cheat. The strategy to follow is that before you move on to the next level, everything is developed, factories are built, and building a planetary defense is the most important step to level 4.

That is when your fleet, so strong against the Garthogs, will get in trouble with other alien species. You can still fight against the Morgaths and the Ychoms with smaller, bigger losses, but you won’t have a chance with the others with cruiser 1 and destroyer 2. The only defense on the planet is the installation of 2-3 barracks, later barracks that take approx. You can put down 20-25 tanks if they attack your planet. You even have to have a spare tank for this, because sometimes you have to replenish your fired tanks very quickly.

The mysterious Kingdom of Dargslan is constantly demanding surrender

Tactics against the Dargslans:

Don’t attack their fleet, because they will grind it down. If you have at least 15 cruisers equipped with 3 cannon, shield v4 and laser 4 + 3 battleships, you can try it. When I get to that, I have to go to their fleet, but I won’t retrieve it first. Do not use space bases to defend against them, as they will be shot down by multi-head missiles in minutes and the surface cannons will be damaged, which will worsen your chances of a full dargslan fleet. In the event of an attack, try to shoot down the battleships with the cannons, because the fewer tanks you have to face in a planetary battle. If you shoot all three they can’t occupy the planet.

I found several bugs in the game:

1) The cruiser 2 cannot be equipped with a particle launcher, only plasma and ion (!) guns, this equipment is worth nothing. In contrast, the cruiser manages to set 2 particle launchers per ship. You should be the other way around. Right?

2) The destroyer 3 can only be equipped with laser 3 and what’s more, only protective shield v2 can be installed, which makes it more vulnerable. The destroyer 3 is the most beautiful ship in the game, it’s a pity that you can only armor so poorly and that’s why the ultimate solution is cruiser 3, which is really a really cool ship.

3) The destroyer 2 can only be loaded with laser weapons and is not worth much against heavy weapons even in the fight against weaker species.

4) The battleship 2 does not have a laser gun pad, it reduces firepower …

5) It is bad that you can only develop a plasma gun at 4 levels, because it is not the most advanced, but the particle launcher. In Level 3, you can’t even develop heavy weapons …

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