20 planets for 8 species skirmish – Dottris’ tactics

I also watched these 20 planetary wonders, it may have been magical, but it wasn’t that bad.

I put down a rocket fortress right away, developed the remnant MK1 engine, and then sent my only spy for planet info. As the Toluens and the Shinari / Godans became involved in the fight, I stood next to the newly occupied planet and, just before the machine-gun fort was built, I hit it. That’s how I got the Godans’ planet from the Toluens. I was fortunate enough to go after the Shinari‘s planet and buy a tracked tank through the commercial center so they could not be repatriated until the rocket fort was built.

Then I started to develop space power. I had a corvette relatively soon, and an advanced space base was added to one of my planets. For a while, I swallowed the weaker planets with my one-eyed corvette, while the enemies killed themselves with the space base around the defenseless planet. When I’m done with tank upgrades, I can come on heavier planets. Space cannon 2nd was a bit heavy, but I made two more corvettes and it was gone. Finally, I subdued the universe with 3 corvettes and 6 megatanks. I replenished it once when one eye was sabotaging my heart and I didn’t feel like sitting down until the next.


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