Skirmish in Impossible Difficulty Level – Adani’s Tactics These Days

In Skirmish, I played a party again on impossible difficulty, with 20 planets all-tech and 10,000 credits of starting money.

I wasn’t lucky again Kra’hen was far away and I couldn’t find it in the beginning, Shinari were far away too, Toluen, Godan, Iberon, Cheblon writing with first planetary destruction. The Shinaris were sheared by people so they went into the soup soon, unfortunately by the time I found them they had more machine-gun fortresses and space cannons.

I also had to chase fleets. Until I had a laser tower crawler tank with a range extender and a heavy corvette napalm bomb, I stayed in the area and when I wanted to colonize, I ran down the planet and sold the main building under construction. Then I started to shave them with 2 heavy corpses and 4 tanks, scattered everything on the planet outside the range of the fortresses and rebelled against the planet, the machine didn’t seize it. I only had 2 spies, came a free shape changer I picked up the starter I sent for planet info.

However, merchants do not have to be killed, especially if the Shinari is killed. In the end, with only two of Krahen’s planets and my only planet left, all the merchants walked back and forth, building 4 centers and a bank of 60,000 credits / merchant, and there are 5-6 consecutive goose bucks. The Kra’hen fleet stood over its only remaining planet and did not move. However, when I started to colonize, I managed to cheat (started on the spoils), then I smashed his main planet for Run 3, because it was full of forts and there were 8 tanks already.

The Kra’hen fleet should be destroyed in time

In a downfall, a fortress could be killed if it was lonely, if there were more then it failed. He couldn’t recover by the time I got back with new tanks. On the colonized planet, where a crawler tank with a laser tower and a float went, he had no chance to escape to the mountain.


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