Kra’hen Campaign on a Hard Level – With Video: Writing by Adani12345

If you enter the colonize 5 planets mission, then that is how it will be completed and it will go. Retrieve previous backup, practically the previous one you send after completing, which is either a pirate booking or a pirate with unknown ships or Cha’karg. All stops, whether manufacturing or upgrading, auto-construction are handy rather hand-built construction. Mother Earth needs another spacecraft as soon as it can and will need at least 2000 production capacity.

Fleet Exploration: You must search for 5 empty planets, if you have colonized before, you may want to postpone it, even with first reset reloading and postponing colonization.

As soon as you inject that you have 2 years you are expecting a little more, inject it after about 1 month. that more workers have been sent to the factories, so you can make half as much and faster, and now you build the ships. Tax, raise high, and / or sell 1 destroyer, and always send the colonizer to the furthest planet, the last one won’t have much time, it should get there quickly.

Without the Cha’karg race, the galaxy is more beautiful

As soon as you are ready to save it and put it in a good place because if you really do not work your luck you will find within years the Gods Emperor that you need to kill the Cha’kargs. Then you also have everything to improve, first developing a crawler tank and making 8-10 as soon as it is done. Then jumping a heavy corvette over a smooth corvette and equipment jumping with 2-3 heavy corvette, ECM needs gamma cannon and heavy torpedo cannon due to space cannons ecm due to torpedoes, crawler tank laser cannon and rangefinder but not much time due to the time gain, the tanks are good when they are finished, and by the time the heavy corvette is ready, equipment can be added later.

One of the Chakarg fleets will need paralyzing, or weapon disruption, but in the meantime, other Chakarg planets can be occupied. If you do not go anywhere, you should book the most vulnerable and destroy all buildings, for example. no money for ECM so it will. Even without crushing your fleet, you can keep the planet if you leave all your tanks, but you will have to beat them later, but you can gain time with it. It’s a good idea to trick the fleet off the planet so that you can smash space cannons and ships separately.

ECM and WMD are every spaceship’s dreams

If the unknown fleet of 9 astronauts comes first, rescue first and 5 spacecraft can catch or at least kill larger ships, head towards planet and instantly make the cannon target the most powerful craft while escaping to the edge of the battlefield , the heavy destroyers. As soon as the fleet was flushed to the edge of the battlefield, the cannons should take down as much fire as they could. the rest will be taken care of by the fleet. It can be solved with 3 space cannons, but then the fleet must also assist or disable. multiple rescues need retreat, plus a scattered tetra laser.

That was exactly what I had to do last week when I was printing the campaign as an aggravation, with no rescue. You cannot fully prepare for both scenarios because you have little money. Three space cannons, then I first developed a cannon tower so that if a pirate planet was to be occupied then it would go, then a tetra laser and it was done by the time it had to fight effectively. When he first got there he was not ready, but the cannons always fired the strongest ships, and until then I fled back and shot the hunters with laser. Retreat, I destroyed the heavy destroyers, destroyers remained, attack, retreat, when one of my ships was destroyed, 1 ship and all the hunters went with him to the soup. During the Tetra laser I gave it to him so I killed at least 1 ship at each attack and didn’t take a ship if you went to the very edge of the battlefield with very little chance of being retired. This is why you need to save before battle, so that if it does happen, it will be reloaded and restarted. But I’m not backing up now, so you know I didn’t crash ship.

Later you have to be more prudent and cautious about eg. after heavy destruction, torpedo and combined radar, I developed a tracked tank and a laser tower and range extender as a defense.

Speaking of Fist Clan. Normally I tried it, they can be defeated if you knock on a tank and torpedo and if you defeat everything goes and you won’t have to worry about colonizing planets. At hard levels, there are stronger tanks, but I may not have tried it before. It will also backfire if you have to fight them, but if you are not interested in colonizing things from the start and tanking torpedoes on tanks then you may be better off defeating the Fist clan so that development does not stop you from risking early discovery.

Imperium Galactica 2 gameplay Kra ‘Hen hard level without load


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