Imperium Galactica II. technical support

Welcome to IG2! ENGLISH “You are newbie today,…tomorrow a master. ;-)”
If you are first time in multiplayer mode, you will need the latest patch,
1.14 Get it and run the self-extractor file. This patch works with all versions 
of IG2, including foreign languages too.)

This IRC server is different from Steam, GOG, etc.

Mainly for Internet connection: Supports the original 1999 development.
And the gift file is waiting for you here if at least you have read it.

Run the game, click on “Multiplayer” in the main menu and then to “IRC” and ENTER.

For those who are having trouble with multiplayer IRC connection, the 1.05 beta fix will fix it. First, install patch 1.14, then copy the downloaded ig2-105.exe file to the installed IG2 folder. Start the game with the ig2-105.exe file.
Multiplayer mode / IRC menu.
Fix the default IRC server address:
Finally, press the non-red CONNECT button.

You will be on the default server of IG2. Check the daily notes, they are in the
right panel (messages). In the room you will find an Arthemis it is a server bot,
not a real player. More info about it later, keyword: Who is IG2Bot.

For multiplayer mode you will need an internet connection with a min. of 56kbit/sec
(up to 3 player) or faster. Firewall is highly recommended. If you using Windows XP/2000/NT’s firewall, only you can connect to the other player, not the other way around : the other player won’t be able to connect to your game.
Double click to your internet icon, Properties menu/

Configure your firewall


Description: IG2 game
PC’s name or IP adress: (it means: that IP adress of player, who hosting)
Port number (out): 6667
Port number (in): 5200-5300 
TCP/UDP protocoll then OK and OK

If it doesn’t work, turn off your firewall while you are playing and download a free
firewall When ZA asks, enable IG2 to access the Internet on all ports.
ZoneAlarm’s firewall gives a high protection while you are playing.
I advise not play without firewall !

Who is IG2Bot ?

IG2Bot is a server bot, (as I mentioned before) It has two tasks: keeps online the #ig2 room and send you news if you are in under mIRC client. More info about mIRC: ‘mIRC client’ later. You may send private message to IG2Bot, becasuse it cans some basic IRC command as an IRC service. 

Who is Shamus ? You can register for Shamus IG2 server bot via Telnet

Shamus, like the Eggdrop BOT, is ready for IG2 players outside of the IRC server
keep in touch with each other in a so-called “party line”. Shamus also works independently of IRC, since it connects to the server, it only acts on IRC. Windows suggested Putty to it, Terminal from Unix systems. both there is an example in the video at “News/53” in the forum. IG2 can also be on IRC to search for each other:
! seen nick  seen nick
format eg. typed in #ig2. The search function has been expanded. The first one looks only at Telnet and the second looks at IG2 IRC.

How can I play, who hosting ?

If you are lucky, there are players on the #ig2 channel . The Hungarian team is playing between 06:00 and 08:00 pm.
Time Zone: Hungary (Central Europe) +01:00 GMT.

There are direct connection, but the game goes through an IP adress too.
That player will be the ‘server’, who hosting. Other players will connect to his host.

When somebody creates a new game (clicking to NEW GAME icon). He will Check his public IP adress,(green numbers up), writes it down, then  types his IP adress to the players he wants to play with.
IP adress form is
If you have 2 IP adresses (1 local and 1 public), tell the others both, only one will work (not the

If you don’t want to give your IP adress for all active players, private message is possible:

/msg nickname yourmessage

Click again (server) to ‘New Game’ icon and wait for the players.

Players connecting: click to ‘Quit icon’ / Connection, then type the server’s IP adress,then press ENTER.

The ‘server’ sets include: Server can change speed, Ground simulate and click to numbers up if you would more or less computer. ‘Players’ click to Ready icon, ‘server’ to Start icon. ‘Server’ press 2 button (second speed) and do not change it, never press SPACE button.

If a player is disconnected and he/she wants to join again, he/she needs to type the server’s IP adress again in Multiplayer/Connection menu, select your empire and click to Ready icon. ‘Server’ can enable or disable you to join. After the ‘server’ disconnects, the server’s IP adress will be changed.

Who is the new ‘server’? The person who can press SPACE button and can change the speed. If you using mIRC client as well while you are playing, the new ‘server’ can tell he’s IP adress to the disconnected ‘ex-server’ player when he is reconnected to IRC server and the game can go on.

mIRC client

IRC=Internet Relay Chat. Get the latest client:
WebIRC (via browser): WebIRC menu.
(For advanced users: or Port(s):+6697)
If you have installed mIRC/other IRC then click the mIRC menu.

The deafult IG2 multiplayer server is

“Why better the mIRC?”
If you want to play and there are no players online, IG2’s IRC client will disconnect automatically after 10-15 minutes. If you are using mIRC client, you can stay online for hours.

Install the mIRC client, and lets have a look the settings:

Run the mIRC, /Options(menu)/Settings submenu

Irc Network: All
Clict to Add icon (on your right or the sunshine in the newer mIRC client) and type the following:

Description: IG2

IRC server:

Port(s): +6697

and click on Add icon again.

Full name: n/a (or your full name)
Email Adress: n/a (or your valid Email adress)
Nickname: Kevin (or what)
Alternative: Kevin2 (or what)

Then click to: Connect to IRC server icon.
Type to “mIRC channel folder”: #ig2 (then Join icon)
You are in. When you play, please change your nick: Kevin_away

The mIRC command is the following: apply it according to your name. You have to type it where you normally write in the chat room. Before the commend there’s an “I” sign , the others can’t see it.

(if your nickname is Kevin), type to chat window, / means command:

/nick Kevin_away (then press ENTER, your nick will be changed)

When you finished the game change your nick:

/nick Kevin (then press ENTER, your nick will be changed)

“If I need help, what can I do ?”

Send me a message.

Best Regards,