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IG2 with Kra’hen, impossible level with VIDEO – Adani12345

A previously un uploaded game play. When you play in skirmish, it’s much simpler even on impossible levels, not hampered by missions and the tasks of the unpopular Emperor of God: colonize 5 planets in 2 years to see if anyone can discover them. Since you put all your money into this, you can’t even defend against it.

Well, let’s not be unfair, in the endgame he sends a fleet with a large tank capacity to make it a child’s play with a simulated battle of planetary occupation. If you make a good many megatanks by then and you can put it full. 88 Ion-tower megatank passes through all defenses like a knife with almost no losses. You can sweep up 3/4 of the galaxy smoothly with 1-2 tank losses.

In the case of Kra’hen, there are basically two ways to win smoothly. Lack of espionage can save a lot of money, a big advantage. Basically, 4 planets can already develop quite nicely, so 3 planets need to be colonized, there is a good chance there will be at least 1, which is over 200% production capacity and 150% growth. If not, one can still be terraformed if necessary. Focusing only on spaceships, you can go to a heavy corvette if not covered, then a crawler tank and laser tower, plus a range extender. If there is time, antigravity tank development is still recommended. If not discovered: 2 heavy corvettes and 4 antigravity tanks can go to earn prey within radar limits (can be upgraded to deep space radar). In the meantime, equipment for corvettes can be developed: ECM is the most important, you develop and install it during production. Once done, the neutron cannon may come so that the space cannons do not surprise you. The rest will come after the tanks. Of course, hyperdrive MK3 at least be it, that’s important. So in a good case you can grind more empires, you will already have many planets and with it your income. By the time you get a heavy cruiser with an incineration jet, ideally you can defeat all the more dangerous empires with them. Solarian, Shinari, the other races are slowly evolving, maybe you won’t even have a cruiser when I get in with the heavy cruiser + incinerator ships.

Another safer game, which is longer, is that I hide for a long time. Maybe they don’t even discover it when I’m on a heavy cruiser + cremator and megatank level. These can be mass-produced and everything can be developed for it, but then it is almost certain that there will be an empire – Solarian / Shinari – that has already defeated several empires. As a result, he became very strong, he already has a battleship and megatanks, and they even had planets packed with heavy forts. You will often have to go back to the manufacturing planet for tanks, especially if you reserve a planet with simulated battles to gain time. A megatank of 20-30 ion towers crushes every planet, even with heavy forts and tanks, but in simulation it often takes more tanks than justified.

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